About the port

One of the most beautiful private marinas in Italy

One of the most beautiful private marinas in Italy.Exclusive, sunny, bright, welcoming … these are only some of the adjectives which best describe the whole complex. In Italy, there are a few exclusive places which are known for their unparalleled hospitality, and Porto Romano ranks high amongst them.

Recently opened, it covers an area of around 60,000 sq. mt. and has been conceived and custom-made in order to satisfy every need. The architectural elegance of the whole complex evokes the richness and magnificence of the ancient Roman Time. The ideal geographic location, along the Tyrrhenian coast, makes this complex a very sought after site.10 km from Rome, cradle of art and culture. Equidistant from the Tuscan and Pontine islands. Only 5 km away from the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport. Located in a gentle oasis of mediterranean woodland surrounded by tall trees, Porto Romano rises out of the mouth of the river Tevere where moorings are guaranteed to be in calm and quiet water.

The marina reaches out over an area of 30,000 sq. mt. and caters for 200 boats from 10 to 45 mt, offering a personal assistance with highly qualified staff ready to satisfy the needs of their clients 24 hours a day. The services offered at Porto Romano include: on board cleaning, collection and disposal of refuse and oils, emptying of the bilge tank. There is also a refuelling facility. Wi-Fi is available throughout the complex. The dockland extends over an area of 10,000 sq. mt.

The lifting in and out facilities include modern travel-lift, cranes and hydraulic trolleys. 2/2 Mechanics, carpenters, electricians and hydraulic experts guarantee a professional service. The 10 mt high sheds identify Porto Romano boat services as the only Tyrrhenian dock offering a revarnishing service for boats up to 40 mt.

The Marina

A few kilometres from Rome and just a few minutes from its international airport, halfway between the Pontine and Tuscan islands, you will find the ideal place to land: Porto Romano. Two hundred berths for boats between 10-30 metres long and a quay reserved for vessels that are up to 50-metres long. Built in a green area, practically on the sea, but with advantage of the protected, fresh water of the Fiumara Grande, Porto Romano offers its boats quality facilities and services, water, a telephone, a car space near to the boat, top assistance in berthing and unmooring manoeuvres, day and night security guards supported by a sophisticated closed-circuit video control system. Porto Romano hosts the vessels of prestigious representatives of major yards, brokerage, charter and residence companies.

The Club

Next to the wet dock, stands the Club House, a place where each moment offers a special view: a swimming pool with changing rooms, wash rooms and showers; a reading room, television, a bar and restaurant where you have total freedom to spend your free time as you want. A club, the Yacht Club Tevere, where members and their guests can enjoy days of peace and pleasant relaxation in the swimming pool; on the lawn, surrounded by flowers and plants; on the splendid terrace, watching the slow passage of sails along the river; or in the special warm atmosphere of the rooms inside. It’s a real centre of marine life, an exclusive place, ideal for those who love to experience the sea and nature in a healthy, authentic fashion.

The Shipyard

Thanks to over 30 years of experience and the construction of over 1,000 boats in the pleasure yachting and the professional sectors, our totally renovated service-yard can guarantee any type of assistance you may need. With a travel lift for boats up to 70 Tons., a 25 Ton. mobile crane, yacht storage facilities both in sheds and outdoors, wood and metal carpentry, PRFV work, interior fitting, painting, antifouling, resident mechanic and everything else that is needed for the repair and maintenance of any type of yacht.